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Message from the president

Since our foundation in 2007, we have carried out our activities focused on our mission of “contributing to society through development of new products.” We have succeeded in commercializing low-priced, high-reliability force sensors (Dyn Pic™) in order to meet market expectations, and furthermore, we have developed many force sensors in order to respond to diverse applications. From here on, from a global perspective, we would like to continue to organize our business system so that our force sensors will be used across a wide range of industrial fields.


Although forces are the most basic of physical quantities at present, force sensors have not penetrated as thoroughly in the market as compared with other optical sensors, and temperature and humidity sensors.


Our force sensors, which are basically capacitive and piezoresistive and structurally simple, have solved conventional problems.


We will strive so that force sensors will become widespread in society and develop as products familiar with the public in the future.

We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

Kazuhiro Okada, President




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