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Ethernet conversion Module

  • Ethernet conversion BOX
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  • ETIF-2000



The Ethernet conversion box converts the RS422 output of Dyn Pick to Ethernet output. The Ethernet conversion enables multipoint-to-multipoint communications by connecting to a LAN.


Dyn Pick’s RS422 output is converted to Ethernet output (TCP/IP).


Operating environmentTemperature 0 - 50
Humidity - - 95 %
Power supply DC 24V
Current consumption - 160* mA
Cable length - - 3
Outer dimensions L95xW25xH20 mm
Outer form/connector RJ-45 (Ethernet side)
terminal block 2.54mm   pitch8P(sensor side)
terminal block 2.54mm   pitch4P(contact input,2ch)
terminal block 2.54mm   pitch2P( power source)
Weight 35g

*: Including the current consumption of Dyn Pick.

Digital input-output I/F spec

Input form RS-422
Baud rate 921.6kbps
Data bits 8 bits
Stop bits 1bit
Parity None
Flow control None
Output form Ether(TCP/IP)

*The ETIF-2000 includes no Dyn Pick.

Prepare Dyn Pick(s) separately.



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