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Capacitive 6-axis force sensor (1000N)

  • Capacitive 6-axis force sensor (1000N)
  • (Rated loads:Fx,Fy,Fz:1000N Mx,My,Mz:30Nm)
  • Model
  • WEF-6A1000-30-RCD-B



The Dyn Pick WEF-6A1000-30 series is a 6-axis force sensor the rated loads of which are 1000N on Fx, Fy, Fz and 30Nm on Mx, My, Mz. While the outer dimensions are φ90 x H40mm due to the large rated loads, the mounting screws and pinholes are the same in shape as WEF-6A200-4 and WEF-6A500-10 to facilitate its use. The WEF-6A1000-30 of these rated loads is a product that can be used for industrial robots with a large weight capacity.


This 6-axis force sensor with greatly improved reliability is suitable for diverse processes, such as force control of industrial robots, pressing force control, grinding, deburring, and assembly work.


  • Force control of industrial robots, precision fitting, deburring, pressing force inspection, grinding work, etc.
  • Operating portions of assistive devices
  • Machining control of machine tools, etc.


IP65 as a standard
Simple structure
and low cost
No external module
or amplifier required
Correction by built-in
32-bit microcomputer
Measures against overload by WACOH-TECH’s original stopper mechanism
CE-mark compliant


Rated loadsFx,Fy,Fz - ±1000 - N
Mx,My,Mz - ±30  - Nm
Linearity - - 3 %FS
Hysteresis -  - 3 %FS
Cross-axis sensitivity -5 - +5 %FS
Zero-point temperature characteristics -0.2 -  +0.2 %FS/℃
Output form RS422
Outer dimensions φ90×H40 mm
Current consumption 280mA or less (5V)
80mA or less (24V)
Weight 600 g
Dustproof and waterproof function  IP65 Ingress Protection code



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